Welcome to the TIO challenge. I am pleased to see you here. Every other Wednesday, I shall dare you to dream up a tag, and will come and look at your blog. I am really looking forward to it.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

TIO #14 - Time Flies

TIO Week #14 and another challenge for you taggers ... on the theme of time flies. My interpretation comes from the song "Ti Amero" by Il Divo. Fred introduced me to their music, and I love the Ancora and Il Divo discs. The words are - "the night creeps over the world..." so I would like you to create your tag on the lines of time flying. Please use at least one real stamp, but use your own interpretation of the idea. Above all - ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

TIO #13 - Spots and Swirls in Pink

Unlucky for some... TIO #13!! How time flies... This week, I have been influenced by the moon landing and the longest eclipse of the century in my choice of stamps to use on my tag. I have been thinking spots and swirls and the colour pink, so I would like you to dream up a tag on that theme, please. Any subject and other colours, but there must be some pink and at least one real stamp to make your piece, with spots (dots) and swirls prominently displayed!! You can catch up on how I made mine on my DragonsWeb blog... ENJOY!!!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

TIO # 12 Carte Postale (Oriental Lady)

Week 12 and here we are again. This week I want you to create a postcard tag... but it can be any size you like - mine is actually A5!! Not many more rules, really - just a postcard themed tag, but it must have at least one really, truly stamp!!! ENJOY...

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

TIO #11 Passion - The Heart Song

Happy Wednesday again... Well, those of you following my little story will know why I have chosen Passion - The Heart Song, as my theme this week, here at TIO!! This tag continues the tale and is full of red and gold and texture, as well as purple passion... and a heart made whole by love...

Please create a tag with at least one real stamp, on the theme of Passion. Think around it, and dream your own interpretation. It could be the colour, a passion for a hobby (!!) or a religion, or way of life... It's my theme but your tag - ENJOY!!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

TIO #10 Say it with Flowers

Well, here we are at #10!! Where have these weeks gone?? I have spent some wonderful hours looking at all your blogs... so , welcome, if you are new, and welcome back if you have played before...

Since I met Fred, I have received flowers again!! I LOVE flowers, so this week , I want you to make a tag on that theme - say it with flowers. Any colour scheme, any size etc... just so long as it is a tag and has at least one REAL stamp on it... ENJOY!!!